Networks at HOPE 2022


John Baker
Facilitated by: Arts+ Network

EEA Hope for Europe Conference
Week Programme for Arts+ Europe
Monday Oct 8
Arrivals, registration etc.
Tuesday Oct 9
10.30-12.00 Track I: Introduce Arts+Europe (Track leader: John)
– Concept & short introduction of the participants.
– Arts+ members contributions
– Discussion and questions.
13.30-14.45  Track II: Artists and the Church (Track leader: Beat)
supported by Dianne Collard and others
15.30-16.45 Seminar I: Exhibition Opening: Courage to Be (Arts and Disability) with Charles Kelley, Kylii Hansen, Madara Lazdin and Arts+ track participants
Wednesday Oct 10
09.30-12.00 Track III: Artists in the Marketplace (track Leader: Beat)
Big art events (Beat)
– Beauty and God’s Revelation of Himself (Bill)
13.30-14.45 Seminar II: (Seminar leader: Bill Drake)
Arts in the Kingdom  of God’ (Bill )
– Arts & Theology’ (Beat)
15.30-16.45 Seminar III: Being Who You Are: A joint Arts+Europe/European Disability Group Panel discussion on the theme of Arts and Disability)
Moderator: Beat Rink
Panel members: Charles Kelley, an Estonian (TBA), Baiba Baikovska and Bill Drake/Jim Mills)
Thursday Oct 11
09.30-12.00  Track IV: Launching a Spiritual Movement (Track Leader: Jim)
A Biblical Vision for Engaging With the Arts in Culture (encouraging artists to serve in the church and society) (Jim)
– supported by Jennifer Seebacher and others
13.30-14.45 and 15.30-16.45 Pop-up seminars (topics to be decided at conference by request from participants)
Friday Oct 12
09.30-12.00 Track V Arts and Mission (track leader: Bill)
– The Arts in Mission (Bill) supported by Cati Grey
– Dianne: Film ‘Abstraction’ (featuring Makoto Fujimura), followed by discussion on Art and the Power of Healing
19.00-late  Hope in the City
Saturday Oct 13
Arts+Europe Annual Meeting (morning)
Arts+Europe Estonian Roundtable Meeting (afternoon)

Arts+Europe Mission Statement
A relational network of arts leaders that together envision a vibrant cultural and spiritual renaissance across the European continent, ignited by a recovery of the arts and a renewed imagination.
To form Roundtables of leaders and influencers in the arts in each country in Europe to strengthen the voice of the artist in the Church, the Academy, the Marketplace and in Mission.

Influencers and network leaders in the Arts and Arts advocates who wish to join others in seeing the voice of the Christian artist strengthened in the Church, the Marketplace, Mission and the Academy for the purpose of renewing Hope in Europe.


Robert Calvert, pastor/teacher/networker
Facilitated by: Cities Network


‘Cities’ is a track that crosses over with most other tracks at fundamental areas. ‘Cities’ network posters will offer time to discuss urban ministry issues.

Our plan for the week:
Tuesday 11.30 – 12.30 Introduction/Welcome to the network/theme
Everyone introduces themselves… city by city
Wednesday 10.30 – 12.30 Praying for our Cities
Thursday 10.30 – 12.30 Unity in our Cities
Friday 10.30 – 12.30 Transformation of our Cities
Prayer walk/tour of Tallinn with an Estonian urban leader

Network leaders will include: Robert Calvert (Dundee), Axel Nehlsen (Berlin), Rainer Schacke (Berlin), Thomas Hieber (Hamburg) and Carlton Deal (Brussels)

Since Cities is so connected with what many others are doing (e.g. church planting, arts, healthcare), we could offer a workshop in one of the afternoons: e.g. on:
“How to research a specific city” (with Rainer Schake in Berlin)
“How to begin a prayer movement and prayer walks for our city” (Axel Nehlsen in Berlin & prayer network),
“How to serve the city” (with Carlton Deal in Brussels)
“How to seek and practice unity in Gospel across the city” (with Roger Sutton in England)?
“How can we form a collective transformation movement in the city?”
“How do we enable all believers to serve their city?
“What is the best way to unite indigenous and immigrant ministries?”

The ‘Cities’ track exists to network urban leaders / practitioners who seek to pray for and serve their cities that they may be transformed.

Urban Christian leaders, networkers and practitioners

Children’s Ministry

Harry Bryans, EEA Children’s Ministry Associate
Facilitated by: Children’s Ministry – the Reaching Europe’s Children (REC) Children’s Ministry Network and the World Without Orphans (WWO) Network

We have chosen to hold a joint consultation and use ‘Brokenness to Wholeness’ as the theme, encompassing ‘Children Everywhere Walking With Jesus’ (CEWWJ). This was recently developed by the Global Children’s Forum (GCF) and shared at their conference in Hungary in May. It addresses issues of key importance to all children and families, especially children at risk. It therefore is perfect for our partnership as we align with the GCF. One of our five sessions will be dedicated to allowing each network to review recent gatherings and make strategic plans for the future.

We also propose the following joint seminar topics:
– James 1:27 What does it mean today? Cross-network panel discussion.
– Brokenness to wholeness: God’s desire for all children, youth and adults. Joint network topic
– Social issues with Krish Kandiah: Fatherlessness & children without families
– Trauma and Attachment: Barbara Ruegger
– “Leadershifts” in thinking and practice to more effectively disciple and mentor the next generation in Europe: Harry Bryans & Dave Roberts

We also propose an Estonian photo exhibition on the theme of “home”.

Reaching Europe’s Children is a community of children’s ministry practitioners seeking to inspire, equip and resource churches, ministries and parents in reaching and discipling children.
World Without Orphans is a Global Movement for every child to grow up in a nurturing permanent family, and to know their Heavenly Father.

Children’s ministry leaders of national and regional ministries in Europe with a heart for partnering together with God to fulfill the vision entrusted to us and to do more together than we could ever do alone.

Christian Educators

Matt Kaegi, former president of EurECA
Facilitated by: European Educators Christian Association (EurECA)

How can we encourage Christian educators / teachers to live out their faith in a secularized society?
You will get to know different local and international networks – how they work on this, what success stories and challenges they face.
We will look more closely at the major legal and social challenges we face, and will find ways to deal with them.

Programme in details
Getting to know each other: Each network tells briefly about themselves. Ideally, each brings a poster which can stay on display:
• name, contact, photo
• geographic range
• target audience
• goal / vision
• working methods (conferences, website, personal contacts, prayer groups etc)
• size (staff, members, finances)
• primary challenges
• primary benefits

Success stories:
• What have been some really positive outcomes of your network? (Choose one or two)
• How did they come about / what were important components for it to happen?
The style of presentation and the further process depends on the number of participants.

The big challenge: Secularism
• As Christian teachers surrounded by a secularised society, we are often in a dilemma: We want to live out our faith in the workplace, but we are confronted with norms about neutrality, science, religious pluralism, indoctrination etc.
• These norms are bellieved to be legal, but actually they are more likely social: taboos and belliefs which are held inspite of the constitutionally granted freedom of faith.
• What exactly are these taboos and beliefs? E.g. „Faith and science are not compatible“ / „To talk about God is not neutral“ etc.
• How can we strengthen Christian teachers to be able to live out their faith in a self-confident and attractive way?
This will be a presentation, followed by discussion and work groups.

Where do we go from here?
We believe that there are many Christians all over Europe, working in secular schools. How can
we reach them, in order to strengthen them in their identity and calling?
One initiative is working through the churches: If church leaders see teachers as ambassadors for
Christ with a significant role in shaping the future (spending around 1000 hours a year with their
pupils), they would want to reach out to them. We as networks would like to raise this awareness
and offer our resources for supporting them.

EurECA is here to encourage an equip Christian educators / teachers through an international network

Leaders and leading members of networks for Christian educators


Therese Swinters
Facilitated by: European Disability Network

Our programme will be focused on building more awareness about Disability in and out the Christian Community
October 9
First morning in the short track time we will have time for organizations – getting to know each other and sending where whom in afternoons. And in this morning we will speak on main message too.
October 10
We will speak on different disabilities and how to involve them in Christian community, we will hear experiences from people working in those fields.
Learning disability
October 11
Senory disability (vision and hearing)
October 12
Physical disability
Main message what we will send will be that we also can be involved in society and in church. And we will invite people to see ability, not disability.
We have speakers for physical disability – those will be Evely and Kaspars Apinis – couple who started ministry “Wings for Wheels” here in Latvia for people with physical disabilities.
For learning disabilities we are planning to invite to speak our Spanish colleagues since they have 20 years of experience in this field.

We exists to bring the message of Jesus Christ closer to all people, first of all to people with disability and support and encourage them to participate in all levels of church live, be ambitieus to long for a role or leaders task in the local church.

Church leaders, social and care workers, everybody who likes to build more awareness for disability based on biblical values.

EA General Secretaries, staff, and board members

Frank Hinkelmann, President EEA

In the mornings there will be a Track for General Secretaries, National EA staff and Board Members with a lot of input and discussion concerning the potential of Networks. The aims is to engage with one another and to learn how networks can be best utilised and embraced on a national EA level. This will be quite an interactive track where we’ll also look at best practise in a number of national EAs.
Topics addressed:
• Excitement about networks
– Hear the stories of National EAs which are already using the synergy of Networking extensively
• Better connection between alliances and networks
– Get insight on how you can be better connected
• Making use of Networks
– Get ideas about how Networks can be used for the benefit of your members
• Starting networks
– Find out how this works and identify possible networks which could be started
• Supporting and strengthening networks
– Get input about how to support and strengthen your networks and then put it into practice.
• Dealing with concerns
– Learn to identify possible problems and what to do in order to avoid them
• Input from Estonian EA
– Enjoy listening to their success story and be encouraged
• Sharing of networks
– Listen to short reports of Network Representatives and be inspired
• What are the specific contributions of a NEA and network?
– Get a better understanding of how they complement one another
• Network Leaders voicing what they need
– Get a fuller understanding of the needs of Networks and how they can really flourish
• How to get into gear and get started!
– Work through the different steps that will take your National EA to the next stage

We exists to strengthen colaboration on every level for the sake of building God’s kingdom together.

General secretaries of national Evangelical Alliances.

Economics, Stewardship and Generosity

Bert den Hertog, gen.sec Compass Europe
Facilitated by: Economics Network  and Stewardship and Generosity Network

To serve church leaders in the area of financial discipleship and generosity. A blind spot of the church. To help to grow the church in a more wholistic approach and serve the society in a more relevant way.

Stewardship and Generosity Network exisits to help the churches to grow in a wholitisc way by bringing the topic of stewardship and generosity on the table.

General Secretaries EA, key church leaders and business leaders

Evangelism in a New Age

Steve Hollinghurst involved in mission and culture research, training and mentoring in the UK and beyond and Thomas Frovin of Aeropagus, a Scandinavian Mission involved globally in mission with spiritual seekers
Facilitated by: Evangelism in a New Age Network

This is in part a work in progress, we like to develop themes as we go, so part of the initial session on Tuesday will be finding out who we are but also the issues we need to explore. Themes we may well explore include:
– deepening our understanding of contemporary spirituality beyond the Church;
– nationalism and Contemporary Paganism; discipleship of those who become followers of Christ from New Spirituality backgrounds;
– learning from global mission in Europe;
– globalization and spirituality;
– creation care and Christian mission;
– and Christfulness.

We exist to connect those who are involved in mission to those exploring spirituality beyond the world religions in Europe, to help resource their mission, and to help the Church understand and support this mission.

those involved in ministry with spiritual seekers, Mind Body Spirit Fairs and Contemporary Paganism. Also, those who want to explore this ministry and those interested in the church’s mission with the Spiritual non-religious in Europe.

European Freedom Network

Leanne Rhodes (EFN Core Team)
Facilitated by: European Freedom Network (Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation)

We will be spending our time working together and in action groups to strategically move our goals forward. This includes establishing national networks, a focused prayer strategy, awareness and education amongst the wider church body, a voice in media and at EU level, helping freedom businesses to succeed, furthering research and establishing an EFN training school

The European Freedom Network exists to help the body of Christ in Europe work together effectively to prevent and combat human trafficking and commercial exploitation of women, men and children and to seek the restoration of its victims.

The track is open to partners of EFN. All of our partners are screened due to the sensitivity and confidential nature of our work. To become a partner of EFN, visit


Interactive sessions by ICMDA, PRIME, IHS, NCFI, HCFI and CMF Estonia followed by planning for the future follow-up of the conference

Seeking the demonstration and proclamation of the contemporary and eternal hope of the Gospel in the health field by creating networks and partnerships in healthcare, thus contributing to the spiritual, social and cultural transformation of Europe’s people and the mobilization of Europeans for world evangelization.

All those who seek the coming of the kingdom of God in the health field of Europe and beyond.

Media and Communication

Dan Woodrow, ESBS media network developer, Former Europe & Nordic production manager – GODTV
Facilitated by: Media Network

The influential power of media is indisputable and we believe, that it is time in Europe to unite our efforts to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all nations in Europe through every available media channel. The outcomes could be a common action plan for the next years to fulfill our part of the Great Commandment together in Europe. Special attention on the social media phenomenon. Variety of external speakers will contribute to the track.

We exist to unify the body of Christ in Europe using media. Our hope is that in the end of this track we will have a common strategy in which we can all work together to see the Great Commandment fulfilled via media. We don’t supply the tools, but we supply the track to grow together in this process. What can we do together for the kingdom?

Every Christian media leader, from every type of media, from every specific context in Europe open to enter in a reflexion and inspiration process around the strategic place of media in Europe.


Jan Wessels
Facilitated by European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA)

The main theme will be: How can we inspire Europe with a global vision?
Many of you will be aware of the huge need for domestic and cross-cultural mission in Europe, which can so easily cause us to take our eyes off the need for mission in other continents.
We will covert topics such as:
• Inspiring ‘hard places’ mission
• Inspiring integral mission
• Inspiring humble mission

church and network leaders as well as theologians and agency leaders

Muslim Ministries

Bert de Ruiter, Netherlands
Facilitated by: Muslim Ministries Network

The connecting theme of our meetings during Hope for Europe will be: Joining the Community of Christ

We are encouraged to see many Muslims coming to faith in Jesus across Europe and we anticipate that the Spirit of God will draw more Muslims into the Community of Christ in years to come. This is both exciting as well as challenging.

During our time together we will look at the following issues:
1. Sometimes existing Churches across Europe find it a challenge to welcome believers from a Muslim background. What can we learn from those that have made the necessary changes to be an inclusive fellowship?
2. It is exciting to hear of Muslim Background Believers forming networks to support and encourage each other. What lessons can we learn from them?
3. The influx of refugees in Europe has given opportunities to create intercultural churches. What can we learn from their experiences?
4. Muslim Background Believers are becoming part of local churches. How do we balance ethnicity with cultural identity?

The Network of Muslim Ministries in Europe connects representatives of networks across Europe that reach out to Muslims with Good News of Jesus Christ, through a variety of means and ministries.

Leaders, facilators, representatives of networks across Europe of people that are involved with ministries to Muslims and care for believers of Muslim backgrounds.

Peace and Reconciliation

Dr. Johannes Reimer, Germany
Facilitated by: Peace and Reconciliation Network

Peace Building , Transformation and Church Growth
Evangelism and Peace Building
Healing of Memories – bringing peace to the community
Healing the traumatised
Trust brings us together
Peace pedagogy in times of trouble

Dr. Vladimir Ubeivolc, Moldova
Dr. Oksana Grytcuita, Ukraine
Dr. Wolfgang Stock, Germany
Dr. Ester Petrenko, Latvia
Christiane Wutschke, Germany

We exist to empower communities of the EA for a ministry of reconciliation and peace building

People involved in society transformative church planting and growth, councillors and therapists. peace activists, pastors and church leaders


Peter Artman (Sweden)
Facilitated by: Prayer Network

The participants will meet to:
– share stories about how their prayer movements are functioning in their nations.
– visit local prayer meetings/networks in Tallinn and encourage them.
– encourage and pray for the other networks, who have asked us for prayer and encouragement. For example the Network of Education.
– talk about the future of EEA Prayer Network.
We will take time to build friendships in the prayer movements in Europe for the coming years and seek God’s will and Guidance how we can strengthen our unity.

To strengthen the prayer leaders in Europe,
To Bring Hope to prayer leaders in Tallinn,
To comfort and to strengthen the other Networks Hope of Europe during this conference.

Younger and older leadership of National and Local prayer movements and prayer houses. Our goal is that from every European nation there will be representatives. We love to see leadership teams coming.

Refugee Ministries

Facilitated by the Refugees Ministries Network

09 October:
Connecting Refugee Ministries in Europe (introduction of RHP and other networks)
10 October: Training in Trauma Care for Forcibly Displaced Peoples
11 October: Developing Ministry Among Unaccompanied Minors and Refugee Youth
12 October: Uniting European and Migrant Churches (Arabic, African, Asian, Persian etc.)

As the overall theme for Hope for Europe is: “Joining the Community of Christ”, one of the goals is to invite and include several ethnic (migrant) church leaders and networks to encourage greater diversity from the Body of Christ. In the track time and during the Interactive periods in the afternoons, I hope that these leaders are able to contribute to this larger theme, so that they feel more a part of the community rather than segregated into their own affinity group.

The Refugee Track focuses on the Christian background refugees and immigrant peoples from other faiths who have voluntarily or forcibly come to Europe. There are other issues such as trauma care, refugee families and youth and many other multi-disciplinary skills that are unique to refugee work, so having time to talk about the complexities will merit us having a separate track. As most Unaccompanied Minors in Europe are refugees, this issue will be addressed within the Refugee Ministries Track. Another aspect of the Refugee Ministry Track is that we will be inviting and including ethnic and migrant churches to discuss and understand how to work together to disciple and minister cross-culturally to refugees and migrant communities in our cities.

As part of this event, the Refugee track would like to invite network leaders and representatives of (city, regional, national and organisation) who work with refugees across Europe to encourage one another, share experiences and best practices, explore new ways of partnering together and address key concerns and challenges.


Miki Kamberovic, board member of Roma Networks
Facilitated by Roma Network

The main focus is to raise awareness of Roma people and ministries in Europe, what God has been doing among Roma,to speak about good examples and strategies for future.

Roma Network’s vision is to network, connect, and research for the sake of sharing the gospel and seeing transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe.

People who are intereste, know about Roma or are in some kind of way involved in Roma ministry.

Other EEA Hope for Europe Networks

These networks will be present during the Hope Event, but will not lead a full Network tracks.

Women in Leadership

Present during the whole Conference:
* Amanda Jackson, Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance – Women’s Commission and member of the Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership’s steering committee
* Hannelore Illgen, Convenor of the Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership’s steering committee
* Romkje Fountain, member of the Hope for Europe – Women in Leadership’s steering committee
Facilitated by Women in Leadership Network

1. Wednesday:
Interactive Afternoon, from 14.00hrs to 15.15hrs / 30 min. break / 15.45hrs to 17.00hrs
Tea, cake and conversation
Come and enjoy an afternoon tea with women from across Europe to share news, pray and see how we can be better linked.

2. Thursday:
Interactive Afternoon, from 14.00hrs to 15.15hrs / 30 min. break / 15.45hrs to 17.00hrs
Women and Men – leading together
Practical ways we can encourage women to be leaders, learn from each other and overcome problems.
Be part of a discussion and learning time involving women and men.

Our goal is to challenge European women leaders to bring the transforming power of the Gospel to Europe and to every nation within it.

“Women in Leadership” was the first “Hope for Europe”-Network, initiated in 1992 by AD2000 and Beyond, the European Evangelical Alliance and the Lausanne Movement.
Since then, the network’s steering committee offers each second year a European interdenominational women’s conferences with the following goals:
to inspire encourage and equip women to fulfill the purposes of God for their lives.
to model  how God can use women in a variety of ways.
⇢ to challenge European women leaders to bring the transforming power of the Gospel to Europe and to every nation within it.
The October 2017-Conference was held in Belgrade/Serbia.

The 2019-Conference will be in Schladming/Austria, November 21 to 24

… everybody, who is interested in the topic: may they be men or women, leaders from the conference, local people from the Tallinn-churches…


Facilitated by Youth ministry representatives

Hope for Europe

We would love you to contact us for more information
about Hope for Europe