March 8, 2022 Matthias Boehning

Each network that presented a “Hope talk” on the day will have the chance to deepen discussions in Builder Groups. These will be highly interactive groups with the idea of sharing, learning, creating, planning, problem-solving, etc. together with participants. The Builder Groups will ideally have maximum diversity between participants categories (NEAs, Networks, Affiliates, Denominations) and regional background (North, South, East, West of Europe).

The session starts by convening big Builder Groups (all participants who are interested in the work of a specific network). All HOPE 2022 participants can freely choose which group to join. After a short introduction these big groups split into smaller Builder Groups who then each take up a specific focus or angle.

Builder Groups on Wednesday, 5 October 2022:

  1. Reaching Europe’s Children
  2. Evangelism in a New Age
  3. Financial Discipleship & Generosity
  4. Ministries to Muslims in Europe
    1. “The challenge of next generation in the immigrant churches” (facilitated by Dr Bert de Ruiter)
  5. Prayer
  6. Singles, Couples, and Family
    1. Promoting marriage in the public square – Richard and Maria Kane
    2. Creating a dialogue on healthy sex in church – Wilf Gasser
    3. Key elements that make marriages work and how churches teach them – Paul Marsh
    4. Changing lives through family camps – Geir Edvin Froeen
    5. Promoting marriage and family in post-communist nations – Ned Spieker
    6. The hidden power of hospitality – Geneviève Marsh and Jorid Spieker

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