When does the event start and finish?

The HOPE experience starts on Tuesday, 4 October 2022, with a speed networking session.  Please come before to register between 13 and 16 o’clock.
HOPE finishes on Saturday after the closing plenary. Participants are free to either have lunch at the venue (not included) or on the go afterwards.

Why should I come?

All participants

Every participant, no matter from which background, will profit from

  • HOPE 2022 addressing the main issues of Europe,
  • wrestling for answers together,
  • coming with many questions, leaving with answers and
  • getting inspired through many stories.

HOPE 2022 offers

  • short concise inputs,
  • extended interaction time and
  • long breaks for networking.


National Evangelical Alliances

There will be a lot of input and discussion concerning the potential of Networks. This is a fabulous opportunity to extend the reach of your National Evangelical Alliance. There is no better time and place to learn to make use of existing resources to serve and equip your members. Networks are set up to do just this.

You will be able to connect with networks and make plans a strategize how they can be established in your country for the benefit of your members and your general ministry.


Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members of the European Evangelical Alliance have expertise in various areas which are not fully used in most National Evangelical Alliances.

Affiliate Members will have the chance to:

  • present their work,
  • show specifically what added value they have for National EAs,
  • suggest the added value they expect from National Evangelical Alliances and
  • ask questions to National Evangelical Alliances.

Affiliates will also (further) build on their (existing) relationships with the various Networks which will result in better cooperation and more impact.



Denominational leaders can profit from HOPE 2022 by

  • meeting National EAs and their networks,
  • learning how their National EA can support them in their work and
  • meeting other leaders of denominations from other European countries.


EEA Hope for Europe Networks

Networks have a great platform at the HOPE experience in Sarajevo to develop their work. HOPE 2022 serves as a springboard for established Networks but also for others who want to use this opportunity to get started. Having networks that are in several stages of development will create opportunities to learn from one another and to learn together how to (further) develop a network.

This will result in:

  • New members and more committed members
  • Better links with the EEA and the NEAs and through this a better platform for the benefit of the church
  • Deeper cooperation with Affiliate Members
  • Closer cooperation among each other (less duplication, more sharing of resources …)
  • Connections with other (related) networks
  • Better connections with National EAs and provision of support to start new Networks on national level in new countries

What do we hope are the Outcomes of the HOPE experience?

HOPE 2022 provides a unique platform for National EAs, Affiliates and Networks to connect and explore possible collaboration to reach together all spheres of society of the nations of Europe with the gospel. There will be a special emphasis on the church.

This is done

  • by giving participants a better understanding of the big picture of Europe but also the variances of the different regions.
  • by giving participants examples how Networking on European and on national level has an impact and how this can be done within their own context
  • by providing opportunities for National EAs and their partners, EEA Affiliates and EEA Hope for Networks to make strategic and new connections which can be used for their ministry
  • by giving informal and formal opportunities to meet new people
  • by giving the WEA Decade of holistic discipleship making a good platform

HOPE 2022 aims to help the Evangelical Alliance to better serve their constituencies on all levels.

What is the timetable for the week?

please go to Programme

Where will the meetings take place?

The whole HOPE experience takes place in

Hotel Hills Sarajevo
Butmirska cesta 18
Ilidža 71210
Bosnia & Herzegovina

Where will we eat?

Participants staying in Hotel Hills Sarajevo will have all meals in Hotel Hills Sarajevo (i.e. the HOPE venue).

Participants not staying in Hotel Hills Sarajevo will have their breakfast in their respective hotel/(private) accommodation and enjoy lunch and dinner in Hotel Hills Sarajevo (i.e. the HOPE venue).

What do we mean by Networks?

There are different names for Networks: Working Groups, Departments, Task Forces…

A Network is made up of organisations, movements and individuals who have passion and concern around a specific theme and therefore common objectives and goals.

  • They rally together to make their know-how and their efforts available for the church and society.
  • They organise special conferences on their topic.
  • They work on projects with national or even international impact.
  • They write position papers and press releases and more.
  • Wherever possible this happens in collaboration with National Evangelical Alliances.

How can I tell people about my ministry?

HOPE 2022 is all about our unity in diversity and how collaboration in networks and across nations, cultures, ages, ministry types etc. can bring strength and be more effective. We especially would like you to come ready to share examples of how your ministry has been involved in such collaborations.

If you would like to have a stand or would like to bring literature to share about your ministry, we will have a small exhibition space. Ask us about costs and space.

What can I bring and how can others benefit from my knowledge, experience and connections?

There are many ways you can share your knowledge, experience and connections at HOPE 2022. One specific opportunity are the daily “Builder Groups” in which each participant can be involved for sharing his/her experience on a particular subject. We know that your personal experience will be a great blessing for others.

Are scholarships offered to participate in HOPE 2022?

Yes, there are scholarships for HOPE 2022 that reduce the participation fee by 50%. Please see the information on the Scholarships subpage.

Who should I bring with me?

General Secretaries of National EAs should bring representatives of existing networks and reach out to people in their countries who are actively involved in activities which are represented through networks at HOPE 2022. However, participants should not just be practitioners but already have a track record as networkers or show passion in a specific subject and interest and gifting to actively get involved in this area.

Affiliates should bring experts who can connect to specific networks.

Network Chairs should invite their contacts in the respective countries but also connect them with the respective National EA if this is not already the case.

Where do I register?

Please visit the registration page.

What does it cost?

The costs involved comprise your HOPE 2022 ticket and the cost for your accommodation. You can choose between different options. There is also the chance to apply for a scholarship that reduces the participation fee of HOPE 2022 by 50%.

What language will HOPE 2022 be in?

HOPE 2022 is interactive and all participants need to be able to speak to others in English. However, we hope that there may be some interpretation (translation) provided for plenary sessions. If you would like to offer one or two volunteer interpreters (translators) to interpret from English into your language, please contact HopeforEurope@europeanea.org.

Will there be an EEA Members Meeting?

The EEA General Assembly and the members meeting 2022 will take place in the context of HOPE 2022 (scheduled for Friday morning, 7 October 2022).

Hope for Europe

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