March 8, 2022 Matthias Boehning

Each EEA Hope For Europe Network will have the opportunity to share more about what they are doing around Europe (and the world). Each network has prepared a White Paper to help you choose which network’s pitch to go to. The network speakers will speak for about 15 minutes and the rest of the time will be open available for comments, questions and interaction together.

in total 3 * 40 Minutes Pitches by Networks (Pressing Issues + Messages of HOPE) + Discussion

9:45 – 10:25: Round 1

  1. Creation Care
  2. European Freedom Network
    1. “The Church as an anti-slavery catalyst” (Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag)
  3. Women in Leadership
    1. (Amanda Jackson)
  4. European Educators’ Christian Association
  5. Arts+


10:25 – 11:05: Round 2

  1. Cities
  2. Disability
  3. Peace & Reconciliation
  4. Roma
  5. Refugee Highway Partnership
  6. Moms in Prayer


11:05 – 11:50: Break


11:50 – 12:30: Round 3

  1. Reaching Europe’s Children
  2. Evangelism in a New Age
  3. Financial Discipleship & Generosity
  4. Ministries to Muslims in Europe
  5. Prayer
  6. Singles, Couples, and Family


Definition “Pitches”:

Thematic presentations elaborating on the networks’ White Papers (beefing them up with examples, stories and personal experiences of the network representative presenting), they should be about 15 minutes long and provoke some lively discussion in the remaining 25 minutes (Q&A are obviously “allowed” but even better is sparking a discussion with all participants on the topic presented

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