Hope for Europe is a working conference. National Evangelical Alliances, European Networks and Christian organizations are invited to connect and discover new opportunities to collaborate in ministry. The program of the conference is geared towards sharing strategies, best practices and valuable insights.

Take part in the conference Expo and Hope Posters exhibition to present yourself and share information, resources and expertise.



We would like to invite exhibitors of the Expo to build their stand with the event theme in mind: ‘Unity in Diversity’. Select for example two-three projects from your work which are most connected to Hope for Europe Tallinn. This will highlight the relevant information for the participants and support new collaborations and partnerships.

Opening hours

The Expo will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 12.30 to 19.00.


The Expo is free for all EEA Members and registered EEA. Being a registered network means that you are officially under the EEA umbrella and as such mentioned on EEA website. For guest organisations the fee is € 100,-


To register for the Expo fill in your details in the online EXPO REGISTRATION

Practical information

You can prepare your stand on Monday till 17.00 and break down can happen on Friday before 15.00.

Each organization will get a table (size to be communicated).
Organizations are allowed to bring their own furniture, projectors and digital equipment. Please do not bring coffee machines or water boilers.

We will make sure we have enough power outlets.
It is not allowed to exceed the maximum wattage of 750 W. We advise you to bring an extension cable.


In preparation for Hope for Europe we ask the National Evangelical Alliances, the Affiliate Members and EEA HfE Networks to share encouraging examples of successful cooperation within the European Evangelical Alliance community. For example partnerships with EEA, an Affiliate, an EEA HfE Network, or a National EA. It could be partnerships based on sharing of resources, linking to valuable contacts, combining efforts, etc.
To present collaborations we use the format of a poster. This is a simple and clear way to present the essence of an initiative.

Why using posters?
• To show the power of partnership and cooperation in the EA community
• To inspire others to make use of networking inside the EA community
• To present local and regional initiatives
• To share ideas with others how they can partner with you

The Hope Posters will be displayed in the conference building.

Deadline: Send your ready PDF file of poster(s) by September 25  to and we will print them for the conference.

An example of an EEA poster that will be displayed during Hope for Europe conference in Tallinn.

Poster templates are available in the formats InDesign, Photoshop, TIFF (on request) and Word.
IMPORTANT: You need to download the fonds and instal them to keep the same design format.
Word doc: Change the content in the Word docs by selecting the text boxes, then replace the content.

HOPE POSTER template for
National Evangelical Alliance

Download the NEA Poster template.

HOPE POSTER template for
EEA HfE Network

Download the Network Poster template.

HOPE POSTER template for
EEA Affiliate Member

Download the Affiliate Poster template.

Hope for Europe

We would love you to contact us for more information
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