August 15, 2018 Marco Zoutman
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Thursday 15.30 – 16.45

  1. Media trends to use in your ministry- Joost Bastiaans
    Room 205
    What are the coming trends that can be used in Church for bring out the gospel

  2. Transforming your city and its culture – Roger Sutton
    Room 217
    The world is becoming more and more urban. Culture is changing rapidly. How can the body of Christ in a City express the gospel of the Kingdom in all spheres of society and work for a transformation of hearts and circumstances?

  3. Sung Worship: Easier than you might think- Jaro Marcin
    Room 325
    What are some of the benefits of sung worship and what it sounds like—a practical workshop.

  4. Greece 2018 Refugees and traffickingGeorge Kaloterakis, Fotis Romeos , Argiris Petrou
    Room 226
    Refugees an entrance of hope for desperate people

  5. Europe Shall Be Saved!- Christian Kuhn – EA General Secretary in Switzerland and Operational Director of ESBS
    Room 301
    The invisible organisation ESBS proposes an intentional return to a strong focus on the Harvest in Europe. An inclusive dynamic for everything that already exists: back to the multiplication process of prayer – evangelism – discipleship and church planting, everyone in his context! The wanted outcome is to be informed of this bottom up and top down dynamics for the Harvest in Europe… let’s go together for at least every seventh European for Christ!

  6. Understanding Europe in 7 Steps – Jeff Fountain
    Room 307
    How the Bible shaped Europe

  7. Future of Para-church organisations – Eddie Arthur
    Room 314

  8. Making Christians fit for conflict transformation and conflict resolution – Wilf Gasser
    Room 222
    The Church (including Christian organisations) could be the best place for learning to resolve (potential) conflicts. That is for various reasons not the case today. A simple tool based on the concept of the non-violent communication has been developed to be introduced in organisations. This tool will be explained and used in practical examples (that you bring to the table).

  9. Serving God in the Workplace—How Ministry Leaders Can Help Believers Find Fulfilment on the Job – Daryl McCarthy
    Room 316
    Every believer is in ministry.  This workshop will present principles and practices for transforming inactive Christians into active, vibrant workers for Christ—not just on Sunday but throughout the week.  Every Christian can serve God effectively on the job and they find fulfilment in their work.


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