August 15, 2018 Marco Zoutman
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Seminars Thursday 13.30 – 14.45

  1. Projects and Resources for Children, Youth and Family Ministry
    Room 205
    What are the latest resources available for resources children and family ministry. Facilitators and participants will share their resources with each other. Facilitated Session by Children and Education Networks Leaders

  2. Protecting the poor from violence – get involved in justice! – Anita Delhaas-van Dijk, Executive Director International Justice Mission NL/Europe
    Room 217
    A billion people live outside of the protection of the law today. More than 40 million are enslaved.  How can we rescue and restore these people?  How can we restrain the perpetrators and reform justice systems to make justice for the poor unstoppable? What is the role of the church, Christian organizations and politicians in order to end slavery by 2030?

  3. Flourishing Sexuality?! – A new approach to communicating about sex in our culture – Wilf Gasser
    Room 222
    Christians are meant to know what is wrong about how our society views and practices sexuality. But do you know how to communicate what God intended it to be? And how in the church we could communicate about this issue in a way that makes sense to a secular society? The workshop should give you a new perspective and make you want to know more. Led by Wilf Gasser, Dr. med., Sex therapist.

  4. Research – Leah Edwards
    Room 201
    This seminar will cover how research activities can strengthen mission work and the presentation of our work to other Organisations. Basic research topics will be covered with tools and tips for small research projects.

  5. Uniting Christian Organisations and Churches in the freedom fight – a Swedish example
    Room  301 
    How may we challenge an overwhelming secular worldview on issues like sex, faith and freedom? A Swedish example.Fast nationwide changes on worldviews are pressing hard on churches and Christian organisations to either endorse new values that are questionable from a biblical perspective or being publicly challenged in media as affiliated with “the discriminating racist ultra conservative enemy”. This has forced Swedish churches from all denominations and Christian Organisations to find common ground. For example, in 2013 an organisation called NfS (Network for Sexuality) was formed during a side-line meeting at the Swedish Parliament supported among others by the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, the Roman Catholic Church, Christian Doctors Dentist and Medical Students (CMDA Sweden) and many more, that made it in to major media as a forerunner to the #Metoo movement. A first-hand description will be given of this and other unique level of cooperation between churches and Christian organisations, hoping this will be an inspiration for bible believing Christianity in each of the countries of Europe to unite and speak with one voice on key issues.Johan Semby, MD is CEO and founder of NfS (Network for Sexuality) in Sweden. Former chair and CEO of KLM/CMDA Sweden (Christian Medical and Dental Association) and one of the authors of the book “Hope for Sweden – a reformatory manifesto”

  6. Living in a World Without Windows: Equipping Christians for Effective Service in a Secular Age – Daryl McCarthy
    Room 314
    Secularism has radically changed our world.  The rules have changed for how we do church, evangelism, missions, and apologetics.  This workshop will present positive ways for Christians to be effective in this new secular world—effective in the workplace, in evangelism, and defending the faith.

  7. Formation for Integral Mission in Europe – Sheryl Haw, Johannes Reimer, Vladimir Ubeivolc
    Room 325
    Equipping churches, missions and aid organisations for community transformation. Exploring how our understanding of God’s Mission inspires us to disciple our nation.       Christian Motorcyclists Association

  8. What is a motorcyclist ministery and why is it necessary – Patrick Couchement
    Room 335


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