August 15, 2018 Marco Zoutman
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Wednesday 15.30 – 16.45

  1. Being who you are: Panel Discussion – Arts & Disability Network – Room 201
    This will be panel discussion facilitated by Beat Rink. There we will be speaking about value of human how it can be discovered through arts, freedom through art, two communities coming together – people with and people without disabilities, how we help of arts we can get those communities back together and not separate them. We will be addressing also art created by people with disabilities and art created about disability issues. Topic of this seminar will be related also with exhibition “Courage to be”, that you will be able to see here during Hope for Europe event.

  2. Faith in the workplace : Christians in Academia – Matt Kaegi (Switzerland, EurECA) and Daryl McCarthy (ELF Academic Network) – Room 205
    Many Christians feel intimidated in their workplace, facing a secular environment, with colleagues sneering at faith in God, or superiors saying things like „faith and science are incompatible“ or „We don’t do God here“. Jesus warned that we should be „wise as snakes and innocent as doves“. This means we should be prepared for challenges and remain authentic – we will see „how“ and practice a bit.

  3. Leadership: Dealing with failure /disappointmentRichard Procter – World Without Orphans & Graham Coyle – European Educators’ Christian Association (EurECA) – Room 217
    The only way to avoid failure and disappointment in life is to never aspire to achieve anything, so for those of us who seek to follow Jesus these are factors that we will inevitably encounter.  Encountering them is one thing, learning from them is another.  Richard and Graham have many years of experience in Christian leadership and have both had their fair share of failures and disappointments.  They will be drawing lessons from biblical examples and applying them to our lives so that we can learn to find healing and see growth and fruitfulness through our difficult times.

  4. Bible Engagement – Erzsébet Komlósi – Room 222
    The Bible is foundational to us, as Christians – we, who are here all agree in this. How Christians engage with the Scriptures in Europe today? How and where can we find good tools for Bible engagement both in printed and digital form? And the most important question: How should we approach interpreting Scripture in a way that it is both faithful to the text, and relevant to our daily lives?

  5. Couples, cohabiting couples and singles – Paul Marsch – Room 301
    How can we understand and react to the phenomenal changes in the way the couple relationship is now perceived? Is it possible to communicate principles to young singles so that their future relationships are less at risk? What are the practices the healthy couples adopt? Could we significantly reduce the level of divorce in our churches?
    Paul is active in many national and international organisations as a member of the international steering committees for the Family Resource Centre (University of the Nations) and Family Ministries International (YWAM), vice president for Marriage Week international and the president for YWAM in french speaking Switzerland.

  6. Getting out of Debts – Bert den Hertog – Room 307
    A lot of people in the world and in many countries are into debt. Debt is a growing problem, also in Europe. Debt can really demolish our life in many areas (financial, physical, psychological , social and spiritual). What does the bible says about? In the Netherlands together with the EA Netherlands we developed a Debt Free concept for local churches to serve people inside and outside the church with getting them out of debt. At the moment more than 2500 volunteers are involved and we are operational in more than 100 cities in the Netherlands. During this workshop we will present the Debt Free concept and give you some ideas to start such a ministry in your country.

  7. Oral disciple ship – Karen Hotz – Room 226
    How to teach Biblical truths through stories, discussion, memorization, drawing, singing, etc.

  8. Brainstorm Youth in Europe –  Hester Zoutman – Room 301
    How can we engage with Youth? Is it possible to start a youth movement in Europe? What are the key ingredients and how do we need to work together, to get the young generation involved in the work in Europe? This seminar is open for anyone with ideas about or interest in youth.

  9. How to engage in politics – With the European, Swiss & Spanish Evangelical Alliances. – Room 325
    How can we be effective ambassadors for Christ in the public arena? How can we campaign well on the most sensitive issues?

  10. Children at Risk – Barbara Ruegger and Jane Snaith – 335
    Workshop addressing “Children at Risk” issues causing distress and trauma in the lives of many children and families in Europe today and how we can better respond to helping them. Broken homes, different forms of abuse, the refugee crisis are some of the sources of the children being at risk.



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