August 15, 2018 Marco Zoutman
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Wednesday 13.30 – 14.45

  1. Cross Cultural Communication : All Massira – Timo Keskitalo – Room 201
    The atmosphere in ministry among Muslims has changed. Muslims are asking questions about Jesus. There are many seekers, who want to know Jesus and Christian faith. For this new situation Al Massira is just the right tool. Al Massira is a video based study material, which is made in Middle East and presents Jesus the Messiah through the patriarchs. In this seminar you will taste what Al Massira is about and hear the latest news of the developments.

  2. Media and Christianity in contemporary culture – Steve Hollinghurst & Thomas Frovin – Room 205
    Broadcast and social media are key factors in influencing people and culture in today’s Europe. How should we understand them? In what ways are they influencing how Christianity is viewed? What is good practice in using all forms of media?  How might Christians be better equipped to share faith through the media and online? Steve Hollinghurst and Thomas Frovin of the Evangelism in a New Age network will be drawing on personal experience and media projects they are involved in to help us explore this important subject.

  3. Social Issues: Depression –  Dave Butler – Room 217
    Sharing experiences and perspectives about the many faces of depression.

  4. “Leadershifts” – Harry Bryans – Room 222
    Leadershifts in thinking and practice to more effectively disciple and mentor the next generation in Europe

  5. Social Issues: Disability – Jelena Sivulka – Room 226
    In this seminar we will be speaking about facing autism and finding Jesus. We will address also question about how do we face devastating news, challenges of life, pain, suffering and not lose faith. Seminar will be led by Jelena Sivulka. She was born and raised in Serbia, where she got her master’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in theology.  She became a Christian 25 years ago and a few years later got involved in ministry with her husband Greg, planting churches, distributing humanitarian aid, and partnering with Joni and Friends, serving people with disabilities.
    Jelena has also worked as a counsellor in Serbia’s schools and a social worker, and she is currently working as therapist in a medical clinic. She is the Founder and Director of the non-profit organisation Hana’s Hope. She has been blessed with three children: Benjamin, Sara, and Hana, who has autism.

  6. Gender: how men and women can lead and work together effectively- Amanda Jackson – Room 301
    This seminar is for women and men who want to develop the skills exploring what women leaders can offer, practical and healthy ways men and women can lead together.

  7. How can we inspire Europe with a Global Vision? – Eddie Artur – Room 307
    If mission is God’s mission, what does that mean for us? Over recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the mission of God or the missio Dei. Is this just something for theologians and missiologists to discuss or does it have practical relevance for the church in Europe today? It is my conviction, that if we take the missio Dei seriously, it would change the way we talk about mission, mobilise for mission and actually do mission. What do you think?

  8. Arts in the Kingdom and Theology Bill Drake and Beat Rink – Room 314

  9. Chaplain to the Market place – Geoff Findlay – Room 306
    This seminar talks about being a pastor to shops and businesses, being a good listener, building trust and speaking a word in season. Geoff Findlay is employed by Workplace Scotland and serves the Local Authority offices, the Fire Station, the Bus Station and has a wide city-cente remit in Dundee.

  10. Film time: “The Peace Between” –  With the Refugee Track & European Evangelical Alliance. – Room 325
    A chance to watch “The Peace Between” film on friendship between Europeans & asylum seekers. Come & see how the film & discussion resources can enable respectful conversation on immigration, building peace between those who may have very different views.

  11. Sustainability: fundraising – Baiba Baikovska – Room 335
  12. How can I build long lasting partner team for our work? What are the best ways to do it? Isn’t my country too poor for people to invest in my ministry work? Those are some questions Baiba Baikovska will be addressing during this seminar from her own experience being in Christian ministry field and having lasting ministry partner team for more than 7 years now.



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