August 15, 2018 Marco Zoutman
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Seminars Tuesday 15.30 – 16.45

  1. Faith in the workplace: common challenges – Dr Gabor Gyori, CEO of IHS Global. – Room 310
    Exploring possibilities, challenges, hindrances and kingdom solutions

  2. Leadership: succession planning – Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of ICMDA. – Room 335
    Helpful guidelines and practical examples

  3. Cross Cultural Communication in multicultural Europe- Steve Hollinghurst and Thomas Frovin – Room 222
    We know that Europe is increasingly multi-cultural. In part this is to do with immigration and the presence of other faith communities.  But also in many countries we are entering a post-Christendom era in which far more are identifying as non-religious. For most of these this is not a turn to Atheism, but to forms of spirituality that are both postmodern but also have much in common with Europe’s pre-Christian past. We are increasingly foreign missionaries in our own countries and need to learn from the mission tradition of cross-cultural communication.  Steve Hollinghurst and Thomas Frovin of the Evangelism in a New Age network are both missionary theologians and practitioners in this field and will help up explore and understand the spirituality of multi-cultural Europe, but also how we can respond in cross-cultural communication and mission.

  4. Discipleship Integral lifestyle and Disciple Making Movements – Dr Chris Steyn, President of HCFI. – Room 226
    What is an integral lifestyle? How does that connect to disciple making movements? What could that mean for Europe?

  5. Women: cross cultural catch up – Hannelore Illgen (DE), Romkje Fountain (NL), Amanda Jackson (UK) – Room 225
    Meeting with women from across Europe to share, pray and see how we can be better linked.

  6. Family, children and parenting – Paul Marsch – Room 325
    What are the principles and practices for a family to be strong? How do parents influence the children through their own relationship, their approach to education and discipline? How can parents who have only know dysfunctional families learn healthy habits? How do we pass on faith to the next generation?
    Paul is active in many national and international organisations as a member of the international steering committees for the Family Resource Centre (University of the Nations) and Family Ministries International (YWAM), vice president for Marriage Week international and the president for YWAM in french speaking Switzerland.

  7. Partnership & Networking – Andy Dipper – CEO All Nations College – Room 301
    Partnership & networking, what works, the importance of relationships and building trust. Developing clear tactics, with long term strategic goals, incorporating genuine generosity and seeing how the Lord blesses and resources’.

  8. Financial discipleship: managing our money in a biblical way – Bert den Hertog – Room 316
    We all need money. It is part of life. Some imes we are wrestling in handling money in a good way. Did you know the bible is also a guide for handling our money in the right way? Money is one of the important teachings of Jesus. Did you know the way you are handling money can be an expression of your faith. In this workshop we will share some biblical principles in handling your money in Gods way.

  9. Global Missions – Jan Wessels – Room 201
    Jan Wessels, International Director of Faith2Share, will share 10 key trends in Global Mission that are important for individual disciples of Jesus Christ, churches and/or agencies that want to engage globally. Let’s have a look at what God is doing in our times and how we can join Him in His Mission!

  10. Being free to share Jesus – what does it take? With the European Evangelical Alliance Socio-Political Team. – Room 314
    Understanding and preserving our religious freedom rights against contemporary threats across Europe.

  11. Courage to be – Arts and Disability – Room 217
    Linked to the opening of the special Exhibition. Speakers are: Charles Kelley, Kylii Hansen, Madara Lazdin

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